DI & Color Grading

Craft the image, match the message.

For any project where consistency and artistry are important, the Digital Intermediate, or color correction & grading step, is the final piece of the visual puzzle.  Going beyond “look” plug-ins, this level of color work focuses first on shot-to-shot color correction: problem solving and matching to create a seamless feel to the edit, regardless of differing shooting times, dates, lighting conditions, or production problems.

Once the visual differences have been ironed out, scene-to-scene looks can be created to enhance the feel of the piece.  When this process is performed under the supervision of the DP and Director, it represents the final step in achieving the visual goals for the project.

Frame Linear is proud to offer complete DI/color services via the world-standard DaVinci Resolve system.


  • Virtually unlimited primary and secondary grades
  • Power Windows for “re-lighting”, vignettes and correction isolation
  • Realtime object tracking
  • Powerful conform and edit change-list capabilities, supporting XML & EDLs from FCP, Avid, Premier, Lightworks, etc.
  • Compatible with virtually any file format (ProRes, DNxHD, DPX, TIFF seq., etc.)
  • Faster-than-realtime final rendering
  • DCI and P3 colorspace emulation via 3D LUTs.

The System:

  • DaVinci Resolve system with realtime grading at up to 2k resolutions (realtime 4k grading w/ proxies)
  • 55″ Plasma grading display, colorimeter-calibrated regularly to strict Rec709 standard
  • 36TB 8Gb Fibre Channel RAID for fast, stable storage

The Room:

  • Fully-calibrated viewing environment
  • Spectrally-neutral gray surround walls
  • D65 back- and task-lighting
  • Two-seat producer desk with internet access
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