Integration & Consulting

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As a post operation grows to include multiple edit suites, color rooms, and audio studios, so does it’s need for an integrated shared-storage system.  A SAN (storage area network) enables all users and workstations on the network to share the same media, and collaborate without data copying.  Every frame of video is available to everyone, at full resolution, simultaneously.  This increases creative, productive time for the entire team, while reducing copying and conforming operations that can introduce errors and inconsistency into a workflow.

Frame Linear partners with GW Hannaway & Assoc and Dot Hill Systems to provide full SAN system design and integration for film & video companies.

When color is critical…

Color correction and grading has quickly risen from an obscure art, reserved for the highest spec projects, to a standard practice for productions of all levels.  But while the software and hardware has become more accessible, the art of setting up a color critical viewing environment remains a mystery to many.  And without a perfect, calibrated environment, the colorist will never see the absolute true version of the image.  So if that level of accuracy is important to your business, let Frame Linear assist in the construction of your color suite.  From display technology to calibration, light control, surround paint, backlighting, task lighting and more, every element matters in the creation of the perfect image.